On the bath and body side of our shop, we offer custom scented, natural and organic bath products. How does custom scenting work? Our products are unscented with the idea that you choose a scent you’d like, then we blend your scent of choice in one of our wonderful unscented products.

Our unscented products include an array of lotions, body scrubs, bath salts, gels, shampoo and bubble bath to name a few.

We also offer our essential and perfume oils to you for your own use or to wear as a perfume.

Please note that we also carry great products that we do not add scents to such as our facial products and specialty lotions.

Now, for our boutique! Our boutique offers exquisite glass art for complimenting your home or as gifts. Each piece is handcrafted and we accept custom orders from our clients.

Also, in our boutique, we specialize in creating Montana and Yellowstone National Park themed glass art. Our pieces are practical and functional for your home.